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There are three pastors in CCC who are in charge of the ministry of the Word. They are passionate and joyful to equip all the members with the Word of God so that they could live a missionary life.


Chiheon Shin

Lead Pastor

Pastor Chiheon Shin believes that the highest goal in his life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. He wanted to be an overseas missionary, but God had a different plan for him. God called him to be a domestic missionary for international migrants in Korea. For this purpose, God has trained him through various missionary experiences in countries such as the Philippines, China, Cameroon, and Israel. Furthermore, God has trained him as a planter of City Center Church, a multicultural, messianic, and missional church through lots of experiences at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Park Street Church in Massachusetts, USA. It is his prayer that God's name be glorified, His kingdom come, and His will be done in and through the city of Ulsan.


He enjoys meeting new people and learning from them, so he loves to travel to other countries where he can meet different people and try different food. Also, he is an energetic person who loves to play sports such as soccer, baseball, jokgu (foot volleyball), running and swimming. He lives with his vibrant wife (Lydia), two tireless daughters, and one son (Hari, Siah, and Logan). He desires for all the families in Ulsan, including his own, would be satisfied in God and that He would be glorified in their lives.


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Jayson basco

Student Pastor

Jayson Basco is a Filipino and an international student at Kosin University in Busan, South Korea. He is an incoming senior in 2020 - taking up Bachelors of Arts major in Theology. After he finishes his undergraduate degree he plans to continue his studies to earn Master of Divinity at Korea Theological Seminary in Cheonan, South Korea. He is currently a Student Pastor at City Center Church where he preaches and leads Bible Studies. He likes to play board games and watch animations. He currently resides in Ulsan, South Korea.